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Tips: Talcum Powder

Posted by Anonymous Bosch - March 8, 2010

Reading the comments of Diana's recent haul post, I was quite tickled to find out that many ladies like to use the talcum powder from Snake Brand on their derrieres. I, on the other hand, prefer to use similar talcum powders on the opposite end of my body. ;)

Almost always, I'll take a bath right before leaving the house. However, I'll occasionally find that I'll have to dispense with doing so; be it because I've already taken a bath a few hours ago or there's simply not enough time. So, to keep the roots of my hair fresh, I spread a little talcum powder between my palms and distribute it evenly into the roots of my hair.



The talcum powder works exactly on the roots as it does anywhere else on the body - It removes the traces of sebum and sweat to keep the area fresh, dry and clean! :D 

Please bear in mind to apply a small amount of powder to your hands first though; squeezing it directly onto the scalp will leave you looking 20 years older with all the grey streaked everywhere! In such a case, a blowdryer should solve the problem in a snap. :) After applying the powder, you may want to comb through your locks.

This little trick'll also work great if you're somewhere with a colder climate and don't want to keep bathing.

Stay beautiful!

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wow!!!! I didnt not know that! Thanks for the tips! I heard about a powder which absorbs sweat, i didnt know i have one at home... A RATHER BIG ONE! heheh! Thanks AB! :)

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Diana: No problem dear; my pleasure! It works exactly the same as a dry shampoo (e.g. Batiste) but is so much cheaper. :D

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I do that before(for a very long tim.. but it always have those tiny white bits that look like dandruff when zoomed in... so I switch to dry shampoo instead. (and it won't make my hair too stuff like the talcum snake powder does )

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I've done it before, when I ran out of my dry shampoo. It's good but for me I still battle with the powder turning my hair ashy.

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Chantana: Hmm, really? I've never had that problem, actually. I just put very little and rub my palms together so I don't get that.

Icyabstract: Oh, so you've the same problem as Chantana. I doubt it's because of the powder itself? I've only tried using the one by Snake Brand once; most of the time
I stick to the fragranced White Musk one from The Body Shop.

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I've tried with baby powder by Johnsons and Johnsons. I've never used the snake brand one when I'm conscious and able to remember things. Lol. What I mean is my mom had ever tried using the snake brand one on me when I was a kid and she said I hated the prickly feeling of it. I don't remember it now, but if my mom said I hated it then I guess so. haha.

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Icyabstract: Oh, oddly enough, I've never used any Johnsons & Johnsons baby products. Well, I know my grandfather adores that feeling; he slathers it all over and claims it's more of a cooling than a prickling sensation. :) I can't really imagine feeling that on your scalp though, if you're not already used to it.

posted by KatieeO

I find that putting some in the palm of my hand and then using a large makeup brush to brush it on the roots of my hair works very well. I use dry shampoo, but it could work the same way with talcum powder.

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Katieeo: Hi there! Ooh, I might try that since I've only ever spread it through my roots with palms. Thanks for the tip! :)

posted by safarudin

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